What is Suitown Tokyo?

Suitown Tokyo is a website providing cruise booking service and information about various Tokyo waterfront attractions with a concept of getting on board a boat and taking a casual Tokyo waterfront trip. In Tokyo there are colorful sceneries of riverside including Sumida river, Nihonbashi river, Kanda river, Meguro river and seaside including Hinode, Harumi, Ariake.We hope that more and more people will know that these sceneries can be enjoyed on board a boat. In spring there are the cherry blossoms, summer there are fireworks, fall there are the red autumn leaves and winter there are the nightscapes. Waterfront full of expression can be found in a metropolis. A new fondness can be found after a simple boat trip. Why not enjoy such a waterfront trip in Tokyo.


More places to like in Tokyo.
More people to like.
More time and scenery you like.

What is it that we want to offer to
the people living in Tokyo,
to people visiting Tokyo.
That is "Suitown Tokyo",
a trip on a small boat along
the Tokyo waterfront.

Taking a relaxing boat cruise,
Tokyo seen from a boat is a little bit different.
Relaxing and feeling great,
the boat trip will offer a perfect atmosphere
to spend a wonderful time
with that important person.

Yes, a friendly Tokyo can be seen,
one that you do not need to go and see
but scenery that seems to come to you.
At the end of a small trip,
a new fondness will be found.
Suitown Tokyo would like to offer
such a Tokyo trip from the Tokyo waterfront.

Management Organization Information

Name Urban Waterfront Development Partners
Main Office 6th floor, STK building, 2-22-15 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Contact service@suitosozo.org
URL https://www.suitosozo.org/
Executive Director Moriyasu Natsume
Business Contents
  1. 1.Business of revitalizing boat transportation
    contracted out by government authorities
  2. 2. Service of collecting, analyzing, processing,
    providing various information using computer systems and communication networks
  3. 3. Various marketing and consulting business involving
    waterfront real estate towards developing suitown
  5. 4. All legal business as determined at the board
    meeting as being related to any or all of the above three
History Established 1 March 2017

A symbol of water city development

The symbol of Suitown Tokyo expresses various feelings of "fondness" created by a small boat trip. By taking a boat, you will be more fond of your friends and family and more fond of Tokyo. The symbol is expressive of creating such a place and opportunity.
Inside the heart is a vast clear blue sky, waterfront with waves and a boat floating and these are drawn in "light blue" color which is a color of freedom and vitality and color "blue" which is a color of honesty and trust. Free and full of vitality, yet you feel secure. Our desire is to spread such a place called Tokyo, such a time and many "fondness" from a waterfront.